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Winter Wonderwall

Winter Wonderwall January 2013

The pictures above show David clearing heavy snow (8 inches) from our own 5m Wonderwall's.  As can be seen, the snow had been left for 4 days to test the Wonderwall's winter bracings that we had added. After removal of the snow with a soft broom, the Wonderwall's remain unscathed. We do, however, recommend snow to be removed as soon as possible and not be allowed to build up unnecessarily.

Working in our Winter Wonderwall

With the Walk-in Wonderwall, as one season ends, another one begins. Down on our allotment there's no time to waste. We have now moved the Wonderwall to the winter/ spring, cabbage position. The all year round cauliflower and spring cabbage are now planted and also, as can be seen, a catchment crop of lettuce.

With the Wonderwall's protective abilities and the micro climate created inside, they will get a head start and grow bigger and healthier in less time than similar crops planted outside.


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