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Our Growing Results

Our Growing Results

Here are our own growing results. As you can see by the photos above which where taken inside our wonderwall the produce is undamaged by slugs and snails etc, and free from pesticides. ( Does it get any better? )


The Wonderwall can be used to grow many other vegetables not just brassica. The green mesh is uv stabilised and the  holes are approx 2-3mm. It gives vegetables protection against many pests and at the same time creates a micro climate inside. So, when protecting our carrots from the carrot rootfly we use a 1m band of our finer mesh with the wonderwall.  This is attached to the frame first and the green mesh is fitted over the top. It is of a commercial grade and is both hardwearing, durable and should last many years. The carrot rootfly mesh can be purchased from ourselves,  which can also be used to deter onion fly, by calling the office on the number at the top of the page. 


Carrots planted in June, harvested December and worm free!  Peas growing in our wonderwall, viewed through the net.                                                                                                



Below are a small selection of photographs taken this year (2013) from inside our own Wonderwalls and also, outside, looking through the net.


We ourselves use the lazy gardeners approach to weeding, by covering the entire ground area of our wonderwall with a good thick commercial strength weedban covering.  We then plant through this it remains weed free within the wonderwall all year round.  When crop rotating, the covering can be reused and moved with your wonderwall ready for next season.  You can purchase this weedban covering from ourselves by calling the office on the number at the top of the page.



A quick check and all is looking good. The cabbage are hearting up nicely.  The lettuce are ready to pick and very tasty, (organically grown is always the best!)


They may be able to see the produce but they won't get a taste, as the netting protects against those dreaded pests!






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